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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Reaching Paradise with joy

Those who entrust themselves to their spiritual father with simplicity, walk with much certainty and are restful (carried as they are on their elder’s shoulders), and reach Paradise joyfully.  Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain (Athos)


I chose this quote as, today, someone dear to our family is being laid to rest.  This man was not a monastic or under monastic obedience, nevertheless, he had a confessor and a true spiritual father who in humility and wisdom was able to guide him through love, prayer and general advice for many years.  When it came time for him to depart this life, after a somewhat quick decline in health, he prepared himself and his spiritual father and confessor was able to send word to him that he could depart in peace.  He received the Lord through Holy Communion a final time and entrusted his soul to the Lord for the journey.  He reposed shortly afterwards, in peace, and has left a gracious legacy for his widow, adult children and friends.  Our dear friend experienced what would be considered a “good” death from an Orthodox view.  May his memory be eternal!

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