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Thursday, September 25, 2014

God is for you

If you tell others your personal misfortunes, if you describe to them in tragic tones the evils which have befallen you, you may find some consolation in your distress—that is, if you think that talking about your troubles will make them evaporate.  But if you share with your Master the sufferings you feel in your soul, it is much surer that you will receive comfort and consolation in abundance.  People often grow weary of one who comes to them with wailing and bitter laments.  At times, they even push such a person from their path to get rid of him.  But God does not act in this way.  He lets the wailing person come to Him and even draws him to Himself.  Even if it takes you all day to share you misfortunes with God, He will love you all the more and will grant your petitions. 

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