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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A few Theological verses

God Almighty sits upon a throne of cherubim,

Surrounded by His angels who forever sing this hymn;

‘Holy, Holy, Holy, O Almighty God of love,

Thy glory fills the earth below and all in Heaven above!’

In the holy Gospel that was written by Saint John

Every word is life, and we should always think thereon;

For he had heard and seen and touched the Word of God made flesh,

And recognized the risen Lord, when life began afresh.

Before the Lamb of God approached the hill of Calvary,

Where cruel soldiers crucified our Life upon a tree,

He went with His Apostles to a hidden upper room,

He taught them of humility, His passion and His tomb.

There He took some water, and He washed the feet of those

Beloved twelve Apostles, whom He called and whom He chose,

One of them then said to Him, ‘Lord do not wash my feet!’

But if they were not washed, how could salvation be complete?

Adam used his feet, alas, when walking to the tree,

For Eve his wife had told him that its fruit was good to see,

Approaching now another fruit, which God gives them to eat,

Jesus cleansed and washed the sin from His apostles’ feet.

While He sat and ate with them, He made another law,

A law of love, that Christians must obey for evermore.

He gave them food—His body—and for drink His precious blood,

And sanctified their mortal members, made of clay and mud.

And thus when Jesus Christ the Son of God became as man,

He gave this sacred food to them according to His plan.

He said that through this Sacrament, so holy and so true,

‘You’ll abide in Me, and surely, I’ll abide in you.’

For those humble fishermen, their Lord and Saviour prayed

To His eternal Father, whom He always had obeyed:

‘As We are one, may they be one, as they go forth to teach,

I’ll send the Holy Spirit, Who will show them where to preach.’

Jesus told them, ‘Do not fear, you will not be alone.

For I will always see you, and will bless you from My throne,

Working with the Spirit, you will earn a great reward,

My Church will be established, and humanity restored.’

Sanctified by Jesus’ words of truth that they had heard,

And vested in the Spirit by the risen Lord conferred,

These humble men set out to preach; their miracles were done

In the name of Jesus Christ, of God the only Son.

Their word has come to us and we have heard it, and believed,

They speak the Word of God, and their message we’ve received,

We turn to them with love, and we ask their holy prayer,

That God preserve His Holy Church, He’s put into our care.

From Christmas Poems, by Bishop Paul of Tracheia, available through Holy Cross Seminary Bookstore http://store.holycrossbookstore.com/ or through Amazon.com.


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