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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thoughts on prayer from Elder Porphyrios, part 4

Pray for the purification of each and every person so that you may imitate the prayer of the angels in your life.  Yes, the angels don't pray for themselves.  This is how I pray for people, for the Church and for the body of the Church.  The moment you pray for the Church, you are released from your passions.  The moment you glorify God, your soul is calmed and sanctified by divine grace.  This is the art I want you to learn.

God wants us to become like the angels.  The angels only glorify God.  This is their prayer, glorification of God and nothing else.  The glorification of God is a very subtle matter, it eludes human criteria.  We are very material and earth-bound, and for that reason we pray to God is a self-interested manner.  We ask Him to order our affairs, to help our businesses do well, to protect our health and to safeguard our children.  But we pray in a human way and with self-interest.  Doxology is prayer without self-interest.  The angels do not pray in order to receive something; they are selfless.  God also gave to us the possibility for our prayer to be an un-ending doxology, an angelic prayer.  This iswhere the great secret lies.  When we enter into this prayer, we will glorify God continually, leaving everything to Him, just as our Church prays 'We commend our whole life to Christ our God.'  This is the 'higher mathematics' of our religion!

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