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Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's blessings to all!

Enjoy some light-hearted singing (Greek kalanda) for the New Year 2013.  The first video will make any Greek break into a smile: 
(icon courtesy of Uncut Mountain Supply)
Found on Matushka Constantina's blog (Lessons from a Monastery), an English translation of the carol for St. Basil translated by Holy Protection Monastery in Rhodes:
St. Basil comes and passes by
He overlooks us, I know not why
He comes from Caesara Town
Mistress bring, mistress, bring, mistress, bring us something down
He carries pen and paper white
And sugar candies, sweet and bright
He brings his pen and ink for writing
You should see, you should see, you should see me in the fighting
The pen, it jumped up with one bound
And on the paper scribbled round
And then the paper started speaking
Yes, we swear, yes, we swear that the paper started speaking
The paper said, “Tis New Year’s Eve!
Oh, Mistress fair, I beg your leave;
Joy be your lot the whole year round
May your house, may your house, may your house be holy ground!”
“The New Year follows on Christ’s birth
So holy Christ who walks the earth
May bless you, every girl and boy
And fill all, and fill all—and fill all your hearts with joy!”

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