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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thoughts on prayer from Elder Porphyrios, part 2

You get upset when others are unwell, whereas what you should do is devote yourself to prayer so that what is desired comes about through the grace of God.  With your own wisdom, you tell others what should be done, when that is not necessarily the best thing.  The secret is to be found elsewhere, and not in what we say or suggest to others.  The secret lies in our devotion, our prayer to God for what is best for our brethren to come about through the grace of God.  That is the best.  What we are unable to do will be done through His grace.

In my life, prayer occupies the first place.  I do not fear hell and I don't think of Paradise.  I ask only for God to have mercy on the whole world and on me.  If I repeat 'Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me' with intensity, even when I have people around me, I am not distracted from the prayer.  It is just the same as when I am on my own.  I pray, I receive everyone in the Spirit of Christ, and I am eager to pray for all the people.  I try to love Christ.  That is my aim.  Because of my many illnesses, I'm not able to speak much.  But prayer helps more than words.

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