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Monday, December 10, 2012

Silence, stillness...

From the book Christmas Poems, written by Orthodox Christian Bishop Paul of Tracheia, now retired and a monastic, living in Europe:


Stillness, silence in the night

As appeared eternal light,

When the blessed Virgin gave

Birth, inside that lowly cave

To the Son of God most high;

Joseph and the beasts were nigh,

The first to see the God of love

Descending from His throne above.


Stillness, silence, in my heart

As is practiced now the art

Which is prayer, and we repeat

The name of Jesus, pure and sweet.

As then from Heaven to earth He came

We pray Him now to do the same;

May He come, His presence fill

Our intellect—that all be still.


Stillness, silence in my life

Far away from worldly strife

I seek but one thing—that God knows

To love all people, friends and foes,

To be His servant, everywhere

Doing all I can to share

The grace and blessings that He gives,

The love He pours on all that lives.


Silence, stillness, I would be

Of those who have the eyes to see

Themselves, and then to recognize

With bitter tears and many sighs

That I’m a sinner very far

From being what His children are.

But I’ll continue every day

With humble heart to rise and pray.


Silence, stillness, now comes death,

When no longer I have breath

My soul is freed!  Away it flies,

Hoping then for Paradise.

I repent of all my sin

No!  Despair will never win,

For I know; my God is love,

On His throne in Heaven above.


Christmas Poems is a unique collection of grace filled poetry with underpinnings of Orthodox life and theology.  Bishop Paul’s poetry can be just the right gift for someone who loves Christ and appreciates the historic Christian Faith.  Christmas Poems is available through the Hellenic College/Holy Cross Bookstore, http://store.holycrossbookstore.com/.  It can also be found on Amazon.com.

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