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Monday, September 14, 2015

CA Wildfire Monastery Update

Message received from the mother of one of the nuns:

We're getting really good action now.. the personnel has almost doubled. The containment is getting much better and our weather is MUCH better..It seems as if a big corner has been turned...on the day Feast of the Holy Cross especially.  Glory to God!  

Please pray for the other fires all over the state and west.... and of course don't stop for us.. but thank you all for your love and concern. I am saving every message email/text and phone call ...over 200 emails and printing them for the nuns. We are all so blessed here to have made it through without our little town having any fire.. thanks to all the work of the fire crews, your prayers and God's constant love and presence.

The gov web site is still the best place to keep updated on the fire news:


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