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Friday, September 11, 2015


An update from a mother of one of the nuns of the Life Giving Spring Monastery, Dunlap, CA: 

Please pray for all the workers.. one firefighter was burned pretty badly I hear...(What amazing people!)..Pray for the people with lung problems...pray for all the neighbors who are moving many animals out of the area.. so much work and stress to add to daily life...which does not stop because there is a disaster... 

Pray for the nuns who pray for you 24/7...who have lived with this smoke since JULY 31 and had to take their animals and weak ones to safer ground...they are losing all the income from their work and workers time for their new housing and so on.. a financial disaster comes with the smoke...(Donations? Help may be sent to: NUNS - PO Box 549 Dunlap CA 93621)

I was thinking that an earthquake or flood or tornado happens without any notice and everything seems to go at once but this just keeps going on and on.. sore eyes, nose, dry lips no matter the water intake, heavy chest, stomach tense...AND I'm inside with air conditioning and the nuns continue to work long hard hours outside and have for so long!

But, this is NOTHING like the suffering of our Orthodox Christians in the middle east, etc.. this is nothing…Glory to God for all things!

The blanket of prayers cover us more effectively than the blanket of smoke...thank you! 

for all real information refresh this page and read details. 

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