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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Cards, not calls, for Love writing campaign

So far, grateful to report that the sisters, neighbors and monastery property are all fine!  Thank you again for your continued prayers!

Gerontissa Markella of the Life Giving Spring Monastery is pleased by the Cards, not calls, for Love writing campaign for the monastery that has been suggested.  We hope that those who feel led will encourage Gerontissa and the sisters through this method.  What an encouragement it will be for them to eventually return to their beloved monastery and find loving mail awaiting!

Again, the address is: 

Gerontissa Markella and the Sisterhood
Life Giving Spring Monastery
PO Box 549
Dunlap, CA  93621



Please know that the monastery gratefully receives donations made by check.  They do not use Paypal or other electronic means for donations.          

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