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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Urgent & seious need for prayer: Monastery of the Life Giving Spring (Dunlap, CA) & surrounds

For those who don't know, early in August lighting hit the Sequoias which ignited a fire.  This fire slowly grew and from the Sequoias then spread to Hume Lake and 180-Kings Canyon.  To date  it has burned over 100,000 acres of land and trees.  It has taken people’s homes, businesses and lives.  Thousands of fire-fighters and volunteers have been trying to contain the fires with no avail.   

At this point, the fires are near The Life-Giving Spring Monastery/St. Nicholas Ranch and Retreat Center.  The poor nuns have endlessly been doing everything they can to save the immediate properties.  They have been praying to the Mother of God (paraklesis service) and walking & praying with the relics and icons on the grounds but they NEED our prayers for a miraculous rain storm to hit.  Needless to say, the nuns and the neighborhood (at large) have been breathing smoke for a few weeks and it's getting really difficult for them.

Please, I am asking you during this time of need to please keep not only the nuns and neighbors (at large) in your prayers but also the fire-fighters and volunteers.  They have been working day and night and risking their lives to save lives, dwellings and our national parks.

Thank you,
Maria A.

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