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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Keeping you informed: evacuation update & a great idea


Keep up your prayers as you have been doing…to date, things remain safe with the sisters and monastery.  Everyone is a bit exhausted due to circumstances, as you might imagine.  Here is a tidbit of info:  the phones have been ringing non-stop as a result of concerned people.  Although it is an outpouring of love and concern, there is an even better way to express it right now.   

Here, instead, is a suggested plan, meaningful and lasting:   

1)      Keep up the prayers

2)     Hand-write a message to Gerontissa Markella and the sisters.  The nuns do not have, nor use, internet.  Tell them how much they mean to you and assure them of your continued prayers.  You will help create a collage of remembrance for them which will be a true source of encouragement over time. 

Send your hand-written or typed note to: 

            Life Giving Spring Monastery
            PO Box 549   
            Dunlap, CA   93621 

You might consider enclosing a prayerful, thoughtful donation since this interruption to their lives creates a financial hardship—they cannot continue any of their crafts, icon orders, etc.   

God willing, the fire will not reach, much less touch, the monastery…thankfully so much of the structure there (including the church) is made of stone as well, ingenious way of building!  Our Panagia will guard the monastery and blanket it with her skepi (protecting veil).  Your prayers have gone a long way to help assure the mercy of God, please continue.   

REMINDER:  An evacuation notice helps clear an area so firefighters can do their work, if needed, unimpeded.  It is primarily a safety measure.  So, please keep the situation in proper perspective.  In short, say no to worry and yes to prayer.  And if you can, find a beautiful note card and send your love in writing today! 

Read fire updates here:  http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/4456/ 

Presbytera Candace

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